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    34 Best Places to Buy Cloth and Fabric Face Masks for Coronavirus Online

    Shop from reliable companies that are pivoting to producing comfortable, durable masks—and donating to those in need.

    In order to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is now advising all Americans to cover their nose and mouth with a cloth or fabric face mask while out in public. Wearing a non-surgical face mask cannot completely prevent you from contracting COVID-19—unlike an N95 mask, which filters 95% of particles in the air—but the CDC says it will slow the spread. Coronavirus can be transmitted when a person inhales respiratory droplets that are dispersed when a carrier coughs, sneezes, or talks. It's why effectively covering your mouth and nose is crucial. "Considering that COVID-19 is an airborne virus, respiratory droplets can be captured via mask if worn properly," says Denise Pate, M.D., who practices at the Medical Offices of Manhattan. Emphasis on if worn properly.

    How to wear a face mask effectively:

    It's all about getting the right fit and covering your bases, Dr. Pate says. "A mask should cover the bridge of the nose, mouth, and both lateral sides of the cheeks to prevent air from entering," she says. "There are many people who improperly wear one or get the incorrect size with the nose exposed, which defeats the purpose of wearing a mask in the first place."

    The best materials for DIY masks—based on filtration and breathability—are cotton-made fabrics, specifically denim, 80- to 120-thread count cotton bed sheets or a 100% cotton T-shirt, or a thick (.4 to .5 mm) canvas material, according to new research conducted by Smart Air. The company suggests holding up your fabric to light; the more opaque it is, the better. Several masks come with an opening for a removable filter like a coffee filter or a paper towel. A recent study out of Northwestern University also found that when a nylon stocking was worn over a mask, it worked even better by creating a tighter seal—in some cases even outperforming medical-grade surgical masks.

    Though it's been widely reported, it bears repeating: With a shortage of N95 masks still ongoing, the best thing you can do for healthcare professionals is to save surgical masks for them—and opt for a fabric or cloth mask. Below, we've listed several online outlets where you'll find cloth face masks in stock and/or fabric materials to DIY. Read on to see all the options available:

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    1 Vida Protective Face Mask

    Made of 100% cotton, these Vida masks protect and cover the area around your nose and mouth, stopping just below the chin. With adjustable ear loops, these create an extra comfortable fit. They're designed with two fabric layers and a replaceable PM2.5 filter to ward off fine particles in the air. 

    Customers say they're well-made, don't fog up glasses, and are reasonably priced. "Just got mine yesterday. Super comfortable and well made," says one reviewer. "The adjustable earloops make all the difference."

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    Taylor Jay Cotton Face Mask
    Taylor Jay

    Made of 100% cotton, these adorable color-blocked masks have a soft and breathable feel we appreciate. They fully cover the nose and mouth, while the ear loops keep the protective material comfortably close to the face. Just wash by hand, air dry, and wear again. P.S. it's reversible! 

    3 Gildan Reusable Cotton Tie-On Triple Layer Mask (24-Pack)
    Gildan amazon.com

    This simple black-or-white mask quickly gained hundreds of five-star reviewers thanks to its 3-layer design: the outer layer is a comfy polyester while the inner two are 100% cotton. You can choose for earloops or tie-straps if you prefer a behind-the-head tie.

    “The price is unbelievable for these well-made masks. They are professional-grade durable material on the outside but soft cotton inside,” wrote one Amazon reviewer. “These not only fulfill masking requirements but being triple layer and tightly woven fabric I feel they are very effective.” 

    4 The Wake Up & Fight Mask
    Hedley & Bennett
    Hedley & Bennett hedleyandbennett.com

    These reusable fabric coverings from Hedley & Bennett fully cover the nose and mouth and has a filter opening so you can add an extra layer of protection. The brand, known for making aprons, worked with a pediatric orthopedic surgeon to create these cotton face masks and for every one bought, the company will donate another to those on the frontlines. 

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    Lola Loves It Reusable Face Mask
    Lola Loves It

    Handmade by a mother and daughter duo, these fabulous face masks have a fun gold print pattern and provide double the protection with two cotton fabric layers. What we love most about this option is it features adjustable ear loops, so you can truly get the best fit for your face shape

    6 Caraa Face Masks (Set of 5)

    The high-end sports bag company is repurposing its nylon and cotton fabrics to make these non-surgical face mask coverings. These reusable Caraa face masks are crafted from leftover pieces of material that have a malleable construct and a wire along the nose to hold it up. After using, these can be washed by hand. For each pack of five purchased, the brand will donate a pack to New York medical professionals.

    7 Swaddle Designs 2-Layer Face Mask

    This baby blanket company is now using the same cotton flannel they use in its swaddle products to produce soft, breathable face masks. Championed by registered nurse and CEO of SwaddleDesigns, these cloth face masks have two layers of fabric built in with overreaching nose coverage and both ear and head elastics. 

    One customer raved: "You made the only blankets that actually held a good swaddle and helped my kiddos gently fall asleep every time. Now, during this horribly difficult Covid-19 time, your masks are soft and perfectly designed. They are comfortable & easy to clean. Thanks for helping my family feel a little safer and for all you are doing to help your community!"

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    Cloth & Cord Face Mask
    Cloth & Cord

    Cloth & Cord's face masks are made to cover all the essential areas of your face with a design that curves upward and over the nose. Made with 100% cotton, this mask also features a pocket to add your own filter. And if you want to give your ears a break, these have long cord ties that go around your head and neck. 

    9 Los Angeles Apparel Face Mask (Set of 3)
    Los Angeles Apparel

    This set from clothing company Los Angeles Apparel is made out of 100% cotton and has a long elastic strap for over-the-head wear and an adjustable strap that's worn behind the neck, ensuring a snug fit. There's also a wire over the nose to keep it in place. 

    "Extremely comfortable," one customer writes. "Nice that the straps go around the head, as opposed to the ears. My girlfriend is a respiratory therapist, and she approved. Thank you!!!"

    10 Jaanuu Reusable Antimicrobial Face Mask

    Jaanuu creates sleek scrubs and lab coats for healthcare workers, and now the brand is adding reusable face masks to the roster. Made with the same fabric as the company's scrubs, these masks have a moisture-wicking, antimicrobial exterior with a cotton lining barrier on the inside. With adult and child sizes, plus dozens of colors, you and your family can alternate face masks to ensure you're never without one. 

    11 The Wake Up & Fight Rifle Paper Co. Face Mask
    Hedley and Bennett
    Hedley & Bennett hedleyandbennett.com

    Hedley & Bennett collaborated with stationary favorite Rifle Paper Co. to bring us these adorable yet durable face masks. Unlike the brand's original Wake Up & Fight masks (above), these stylish ones have a small wire nosepiece and a ribbon that goes around the neck and ties behind the head for a better fit all around. These also have a pocket for an extra filter. The brand has vowed to donate 25,000 face masks to benefit the Baby2Baby non-profit. 

    12 Amadi Printed Reusable Face Mask (Set of 2)
    amadi printed reusable ear loop face masks


    A haven for all things adorably chic, Anthropologie has also joined in to give the public what they want—a.k.a. face masks that are both protective and cute. Selling masks from retailers like Sanctuary and Bunglo, this floral fabric covering from Amadi is made of cotton, has a filter pocket for added security, and features a beautiful design. It has two elastic over-the-ear loops, however, some customers say they're a bit too big for them. Just tie a small knot and you're good to go!

    "Really love these masks. They are comfortable and cute," writes an Anthropologie reviewer. "The fabric is light and I think it is really well designed. Especially like the option to insert a napkin for some extra protection if you feel you need it."

    13 BlueCut Water Repellant Face Mask

    BlueCut is known for supplying classy, functional aprons to restauranteurs and their staff, but now employees are hard at work sewing water-repellant face masks for both children and adults. Similar to its water-resistant waist apron, these masks are made with a cotton-blend material and a micro-suede exterior, which sets it apart. Although the liquid-resistance will wear off after a few washes, the brand says the mask is still a viable option to protect yourself outside. 

    14 Serengetee Mystery Face Mask (Set of 2)

    Created with fun, colorful patterns, this two-pack set from Serengetee is made with a double-sided cotton design to protect wearers from respiratory droplets. You won't be able to choose your pattern with the mystery pack, but that allows for a little surprise. The brand is limiting one pack per order, however, they say they'll donate one mask for every pack sold to a medical employee. 

    15 The She Pack Face Masks (Set of 5)

    Clothing brand LAmade is selling dual-layer fabric masks in packs of five. Reversible and machine-washable, these are made of cotton and jersey fabrics, making them both soft and breathable. Have kids or grandkids? The brand also has masks specifically designed for kiddos. Plus, there are lots of colors (at the moment). 

    16 Avocado Mattress Organic Cotton Face Mask
    Avocado Mattress

    Cover your nose and mouth with this two-layer cotton face mask from Avocado Mattress. This breathable mask is certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard and also has been tested for harmful substances and chemicals, earning a standard 100 label from OEKO-TEX. Two tie straps wrap around your head and at the nape of your neck for complete adjustability, while also ensuring that your neck is safely protected. It also has a filter pocket and is completely machine-washable. 

    17 Old Navy Triple-Layer Face Mask (Set of 5)
    Old Navy

    Old Navy another retailer that has shifted its focus to fight the good fight, sewing triple-layer cloth face masks for both adults  and children. The pack of five is made of cotton poplin, has elastic straps that hook over the ear, and come in fun designs (it is Old Navy after all)! We also love them for the affordable under-$15 price tag. 

    18 Casetify Reusable Face Mask

    CASETiFY is known for its popular iPhone cases that safeguard our smartphones, and now the brand is helping us protect our noses and mouths. When you purchase one cotton face mask, you're also opting to donate a pleated one for first responders. This multi-layer mask, consisting of cotton and activated carbon fiber, also comes with two filters per purchase

    19 Reformation 5X Reusable Face Mask

    Every set from Reformation will be a surprise, with different prints, colors, and materials (ranging from a cotton blend to Tencel to viscose). Made without any use of plastic, these fabric masks allow you to adjust the fit with two string straps. Reformation is also working to donate masks; you can opt to donate a set to those in need of protective coverings here

    20 Le Miller Plaid Face Mask
    Le Miller

    These unisex face coverings from Le Miller are made with a double layer of polyester fabric and come in various patterns like plaid, tie dye, and denim. To accommodate different face sizes these are available in small, medium, large, and extra large.

    21 TakeCare Precision 2 Face Mask (Set of 3+)

    TakeCare masks are designed with elastic ties that go around your head, securing it on your face without fogging up your glasses. This mask is made with breathable quilting cotton and has a slit to add your own filter. These washable masks come in a pack of three, 12, and 24. 

    22 Choise Co. 3D Reusable Face Mask
    Choise Co.

    The Choise Co. cotton face masks have a great, simple design that covers all the necessary areas of your face, and a polypropylene filter built in to ward off harmful particles in the air. We love this mint color, but if that's not your style, black, blue, and beige are also available. 

    23 UVSkinz Neck and Face Covering

    This multifunctional covering can be worn as a face mask or a balaclava while getting groceries or taking out the trash. It has a UPF 50+ sun protection rating and is made out of a breathable bamboo fabric that also wicks away moisture.

    "With this pandemic, we need to wear a cloth face mask when in public. I use my charcoal Neck Shield which is easy to use," says a customer. "Mahalo for an excellent product and quick shipping!!!" 

    24 Buff Original Multifunctional Gaiter

    Unlike traditional masks, this gaiter from Buff provides a little extra coverage with a polyester microfiber material that protects everything from the nose all the way down to the neck. The stretchy material allows this to be worn as a full-face or half-face mask and fits both men and women. 

    25 Rendall Co. Sentry Face Mask
    Rendall Co.

    The tie-around string on this face mask by workwear company Rendall Co. creates an adjustable fit, so you can make it as snug as you need it to be. Topped with a dual-layer cotton construction and a copper wiring around the nose area, these will stay on when worn by itself or over a N95 mask for healthcare workers. They also come with an opening to add your own filter. 

    26 Athleta Non-Medical Face Mask (Set of 5)

    These colorful, reusable face masks from Athleta are large enough to cover the essential areas of your face, while also providing adjustable ear straps that have customers raving. Comfortable to wear thanks to its polyester and stretchy spandex design, this breathable three-layer pick also features cotton fabrics that act as filter for cough and sneeze droplets. 

    A reviewer and medical worker says the fabrics incorporated in these masks make a difference: "I am very pleased with the breathability and comfort of these masks! As a healthcare professional that suffers through wearing hot and stuffy medical grade masks for entire shifts, these masks are such a nice contrast."

    27 Madewell Non-Medical Face Mask (Set of 3)

    Our favorite jeans and leather goods maker is now pushing out plaid and striped cotton face masks that feature three layers of protection, including a space for a filter. Not letting material go to waste, Madewell's team collected fabric scraps to incorporate into this three-pack. It's made to fully cover your nose and chin, while securing around the ears with two elastic straps.

    28 Vistaprint Geometric Reusable Face Mask

    These long-awaited Vistaprint reusable masks are finally ready to be shipped out, and we can't wait to get our hands on all the fun geometric and floral designs. Machine washable and breathable, these moisture-wicking masks are made from polyester materials and are compatible with additional filters for hours-long wear. The brand is also donating a portion of its sales and masks to local organizations in need.  

    29 Apolis “I Heart” Non-Medical Face Mask

    Apolis is known for its beautiful market bags, and the company is now working to supply the public with customizable cotton face masks. With the option to create your own phrase with a seven-character limit, the no frills design becomes completely yours. By partnering with non-profit Baby2Baby, when you buy a face mask, Apolis will donate a day's worth of diapers to a family in need.  

    30 Nordstrom Pleated Cotton Face Mask (Set of 5)

    Nordstrom just launched their own reusable adult-sized cotton face masks that are sold in packs of six. This knit cotton mask has pleats all along the front that make it easier to wear and has enough fabric to cover all the way down to the chin. 

    31 Kaiser Cotton Bandana

    Another popular route: DIY your face mask with a cotton bandana, like this one from Kaiser. Having this barrier—even if it's not sewn—can still help prevent you and others from breathing in respiratory droplets in public. Not sure how to make your own no-sew mask? We have a link here

    32 Lily Pulitzer Non-Medical Face Mask

    Just in time for summer, Lilly Pulitzer is now making non-medical face masks and we're overjoyed! Made of 100% cotton (with a polyester-cotton blend lining), these cuties have elastic over-the-ear-straps and are machine washable. For every mask purchased, the company is donating one to the healthcare community. It has already donated 27,500 in April alone!  

    33 41 Winks Reusable Face Mask
    41 Winks

    These two-layer 41 Winks masks are made entirely of 100% cotton and come with a polyethylene filter sandwiched in the middle. Covering the bottom half of your face entirely, these reusable fabric masks have a secure fit along the nose and stretchy over-the-ear elastics for protection in the wild, a.k.a. the sidewalk. 

    34 Barred Code Reusable Face Mask
    Mr. Pink's

    This three-layered cotton mask has a great design that covers most of the nose without hindering your vision while wearing. For extra protection against transmitted droplets, this Mr. Pink's reusable mask also has an interior pocket, allowing you to add an extra filter, whether that be a paper towel or another layer or cotton. 

    "I bought these as a gift & saw them on video. They look great, my friends were thrilled to receive them and say they are well made and comfortable," wrote one customer. 

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